Thursday, November 13, 2014

The 2014 Legislative Year in Review

Adams County is truly one of the greatest places on Earth in which to live. The diverse histories, traditions and individuality of our various communities enrich the utilization of the distinct topography and natural resources placed here for us to glorify and augment with responsible management of all factors involved.  The Adams County Boroughs Association has been an influential consortium for municipalities here and across the state.  This momentum will continue to grow towards the solutions sought by us all.

Being designated the “Greater Hanover Metropolitan Area” by the latest U.S. Census, we must remember to enhance all efforts possible. The Hanover Regional Economic Development Committee (first inter-county effort in PA history) was formed over 2 years ago for this very purpose. Working with many organizations and businesses, including both York and Adams County Planning and Economic Development personnel, we will explore ways to develop our resources, market our product and attract investors to boast the local economies.  We have already begun to see (and will continue to explore) consolidations and mergers of police and emergency services in Adams County.

Some of the richest soil in the county lies in Conewago Township.  We have an invaluable partnership potential with the Penn State Extension Office and the county Agricultural and Natural Resource Center to analyze and maximize the potential for land utilization in all of Adams County.  All considerations must be made to ensure the strength and growth of our farming community and its effects on the economy of the entire county.

All of this must be connected by safe, reliable and accessible roads and bridges. ACTPO has approved a 3-year TIP to address not only the major arteries through Adams County, but will upgrade smaller roads in need as well. Cooperation with York County will ensure continuous consideration for roads extending into neighboring authorities. Upgrades to the PennDOT website allows anyone to access project information, keeping The People of Adams County informed of the decisions made with their mandated contributions, and assuring them of the vision for the future of transportation in Adams County.

Adams County has been an active voice in the affairs of state in Pennsylvania, penning and adopting several resolutions (while also individually adopting them at the municipal level to a majority of Boroughs) which have made changes for the better for The People. An increase in the allowable pay-outs for service clubs in the Small Games of Chance Bill has provided funds for an active K9 unit in the county. The PSAB is steadfast in our pursuit to allow local and regional police the use of radar to protect those in areas where VASCAR and other systems fail. There is optimism that a new Congress, next year, will help move forward the right to municipal referenda during primary and general elections. Adams County will continue to be an active influence on the PSAB’s Municipal Policy, providing legislation and leadership. 

I am proud to have served you this past year as Vice-President, PSAB and ACTPO representative, and as Legislative Committee Chair. I hope to retain your confidence in continuing forward with these same duties next year. Thank you for the opportunity.

David Bolton
McSherrystown Borough Council and Citizen